Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I came across this awesome seven and knew it had to go in my dictionary. This page was done with Crayola markers and a black Zig calligraphy pen.

Alphabet and Alphanumeric

I've started working in my altered dictionary again, finding inspiration online. I started with this and found lots more styles here.


I've started working in my altered dictionary again, finding inspiration online. This one was copied from a commercial journal.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

George. This is another one that I redid from one originally done in a RR book. To see the original, all of the flip book and read the survey click here. Posted by Hello

Vibrant Katz. Posted by Hello

Toothsome tomatoes. Posted by Hello

Rooftop Rockers. I couldn't wait to do this page when I found the words. It took a while to locate the rooftops that I could see in my mind so clearly.  Posted by Hello

Portrait...pose. Posted by Hello

Pixelated Planets. This was a two-page spread in an art magazine. I just cut it apart and painted the background. Posted by Hello

Paisley. Posted by Hello

Sing a song for one! This spread was inspired by the directions in Altered Books, Collaborative Journals, and Other Adventures in Bookmaking by Holly Harrison. Posted by Hello

Name. Posted by Hello

Mushroom. Posted by Hello

Lovely Luna lady of the moon. This one is another one that I redid in my dictionary from one I did in a RR book. The original guidewords were lunar and luna moth. This dictionary didn't have luna moth, so I used moonscape and moth. We have luna moths on our window screens sometimes in the summer. I love to look at them. Posted by Hello

Maximum...measure...measurement...medium. Posted by Hello

Gypsy. This was originally made in a RR dictionary and copied here. I got lots of help from members of thealteredbooks Yahoo group in finding images. The dictionary I was working in at the time had several pages with songs. This one has Gypsy Woman printed down the side. Posted by Hello

Embroidery. Posted by Hello

Courtesan. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Citrus. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

Heart. Posted by Hello

Gravitational gridlock - grief ground.

And the grief,
When it hits,
Is like a wave.
It pulls you under,
And keeps you there.
For a a dark place.
The pain is a heavy weight,
Crashing from all sides.
Time ceases.
And then it eases.
Gradually freeing you
To return to the light...
Until the next swell.

Written after my dad's suicide.

Pear. Posted by Hello

Literary lions. Posted by Hello

Floral arrangement - summer color. Posted by Hello

Composition. I copied a Piet Mondrian painting for this page. This was the first page that I used acrylic paints on. I was really surprised to find that some of them were opaque and some were transparent. Posted by Hello

Promising, proclamation, propose, proposition, prospect. I challanged myself to use just the images from one magazine.  Posted by Hello

Chamelian. I spotted this wild guy in a printer's magazine. The spread is my idea of a natural setting that would cause him to change to these colors. Posted by Hello